What do I do when I am going to be absent from my classroom?

AESOP is a district wide web-based program used to secure substitute teachers when needed. You can Access  AESOP can be accessed here or through the Piqua City Schools Website under the staff tools tab. You will be provided with an ID and pin number to gain access to the appropriate information that you will need to register for a substitute teacher when needed.

You may need a substitute teacher for the following reasons: illness, professional day, personal day, professional development training, etc… It is important that you register for a substitute teacher as soon as you know that you are in need of one. The pool for substitute teachers is limited and often used up at certain times of the school year. Teachers that wait too long to register for a substitute teacher may find it difficult to secure one when needed.

For last minute emergencies, be sure to work with your building administrator to handle the situation.

Do I need register anywhere else when I am absent from my classroom?

Yes. You will need to register for absences on the Employee Kiosk.  The Kiosk can be accessed here or through the Piqua City Schools Website under the staff tools tab.

Illness: When you have to miss time from the classroom due to an illness be sure to register for a sick day on the Kiosk.

Personal Day: When you are planning to take a personal day, be sure to check the teacher contract for proper protocol for ‘restricted’ and ‘non-restricted’ days. Be sure to plan ahead and register for your personal day a minimum of one week prior to the personal day in order to secure the proper signatures and register for a substitute teacher. 

Professional Day: When you are planning to attend a professional development opportunity, be sure to plan ahead and register for a professional day 10 days in advance on the Kiosk in order to secure approval to attend the training and register for a substitute teacher. 

What is the best way to arrange for a half-day sub for training?

There may be times teachers will be asked to attend a half-day training session. You will find that substitute teachers want full-day positions rather than half-day. In order to offer full-day subbing positions it is often necessary to share subs between two teachers.

If the Favorite Hill staff is registering for half-day training it might look like this...

Thase..Smith (share sub A)
Jones..DeWeese (share sub B)
Lucia..Younce  (share sub C)
Ashton..Mohr (share sub D)
Sarver..Davis (share sub E)

In this case the teacher who is training in the morning would register for one whole-day sub. The PM teacher would not register for a sub. In the AESOP special directions section, the AM teachers should instruct the sub to start in their classroom first and then transfer to the second teacher's classroom. Be sure to include class starting times, teacher names involved, classroom locations, and building location. Please work with that teacher to make sure that the sub has a minimum of one-half hour for lunch. This may require you to coordinate which duty you want the sub to cover.

The building secretary for the morning sub positions is responsible for completing sub paperwork. This will prevent duplication when a sub moves between buildings.

Again, it is helpful to share subs this way because many subs want full day positions and are more likely to take the job than if it were a half-day position.