Progress Book

What is Progress Book?
Progress Book is a grade reporting program used by Piqua City Schools. Teachers will enter data that can be viewed by district administrators, teachers, and parents in order to track student progress. Questions regarding Progress Book should be referred to EMIS Coordinator, Jean Hill, at the Board Office.
When should teachers enter data into Progress Book?
Progress Book is an on-going communication system that parents can view daily to monitor their child’s progress in the classroom. Teachers must update their Grade Book regularly to provide current and concise information for all to see.
In addition to regular updates, teachers will have windows of opportunity to complete data entry that leads to quarterly interim reports or final quarterly grade cards. It is important for teachers to understand the published deadlines in order for communication to be effective.
What is the 2014-2015 schedule for Progress Book?
You can view/print the 2014-2015 Progress Book schedule below in PDF format.